Why mobile?

Why Mobile?

Mobile grooming is growing in its popularity because of the convenience of a grooming salon coming directly to your home or place of business. 

Though mobile grooming prices may seem slightly higher than a salon, consider these factors:

  • Convenience
  • Reduced stress on you and your dog
  • Time saved versus taking your pet to a salon
  • No exposure to other animals & potential sickness
  • No waiting in cages
  • No interruptions

Our service is performed in a much calmer environment than a shop, resulting in less stress on your dog

  • Your dog will not be separated from home all day.
  • His/her exclusive grooming experience will be completed in less than two hours on the average! 
  • In addition to that, you have the convenience of not having to leave your home or use your vehicle and gas to transport your pet. 

Mobile is great for those busy households who love their pets but need their days off to do other things rather than arranging their day around a grooming salon schedule.

VaVa Groom Mobile Pet Spa provides an environment where your dog can enjoy some pampering time without giving up your precious time!